shamrock photo
St. Patrick’s Day is sometimes seen as a drunkard’s day, but visually this celebration is all about the green. If you’d like some of that green to be added to your coffers, use one of these inexpensive, quick-to-administer tips to market your business for St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Create a special offer that draws customers in. B2C businesses, use one of your most popular items and mark it down or bundle it with another appealing item to sell two at once. B2B businesses, put the green version of whatever you sell on sale for just a day or two.
  2. Add a page to your website or blog to explain your promotional offer in full. If your system supports it, add a “buy now” or “order now” button to close the sale. If not, make your phone number prominent.
  3. Send an email to your customers with best wishes for St. Patty’s Day and a brief mention of your green sale. Include a link to the web page or blog post that explains it in more detail. If you don’t have an email list yet, start to put one together now because Mother’s Day and Memorial Day — two of the largest shopping days of the year — are just around the corner.
  4. Decorate your storefront. If you’re a B2C business, add a St. Patrick’s Day theme to your front window, using a designer or materials from your promotional supplier. You can do this even if you’re on a really tight budget by pulling out the green garland from your store’s Christmas decor and using it to frame your main window; or running over to the Dollar Store (or even a thrift shop) to find affordable green decorations for just a few dollars. B2B sellers can add a themed image to their home page. License one for a buck at
  5. Add a touch of green to promote word of mouth advertising. Buy green shopping bags from your paper supplier, or add shamrock stickers to your existing shopping bags. Line them with green tissue and remind all of your customers to tell their friends about your St. Patrick’s Day (or green) sale. Business sellers can add a bit of green to their shipping materials or try to increase sales by including a coupon toward an additional product or service that’s green.
  6. Send up a signal on social media. Obviously, post your sale to your company’s Facebook page but don’t overlook other attractors — Take a picture of your best green items an start a Pinterest board; shoot a video snippet (most digital cameras will take short videos) of you dancing with your product and post it to Instagram or Vine, then let everyone know about it on Twitter. You get the idea.
  7. Create a sale poster. If you’re a B2C business, rush over to your local print-and-copy shop and ask them to put a poster together for you. Most of them have design services, so if you have the words ready, they can add the leprechauns and shamrocks. B2B businesses too often forget the value of posters. Put one near everyone who uses the phone to remind them to promote your St. Patrick’s Day special at the beginning or end of every phone call, and place it prominently wherever you receive visitors or delivery workers. All of these people can become extensions of your sales force.
  8. Let your network know. If your business belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, shoot an email to the members letting them know about your special offer and ask for referrals. Offer to do the same for them if they have St. Patrick’s Day sales. Also, remember to send a personal text or email to your family and friends so they know enough about your offer to tell their friends.
  9. Don’t have anything green to sell? If you’re a B2C business, then promote the most environmentally friendly product you have as a “go green everyday” item. If you’re a B2B marketer, promote whatever product or service can help your customer make more green and place a St. Patrick’s Day-themed greeting card on top of your shipped contents (“Thanks for your business — wishing you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!”).
  10. If nothing else, get some motivation. If none of this works and you’ve simply missed the window for a St. Patrick’s Day promotion this year, remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 10. That’s two months away, meaning you have a month to gear up for it, and a month to promote your special offer. Use the missed opportunity in March to motivate you for more sales in May.

Meanwhile, St. Patrick’s Day is all about fun, so it’s the ideal time to let your hair down a bit with your customers. Offer a shamrock-shaped lollipop, a morsel from a pot of gold chocolates, or even a token toward a green beer at the corner pub every time a customer buys your St. Patrick’s Day special. These ideas are all quick, inexpensive and fun ways to boost your business a bit. Think of it as the commercial equivalent of kissing the Blarney Stone for good luck.