valentines photo
There’s an old, anonymous saying about friendship that we like to use as navigation with our customers:

Someone is true to you if …
… they stand in front of you when you need guidance
… they stand beside you when you need a friend, and
… they stand behind you when you need a boost

Is it corny for us to aspire to these as-seen-on-a-needlepoint-pillow goals? Sure. But it’s how we feel. After all, business is about relationships, right? (That’s why, then next time someone tells you business isn’t personal, you should stop taking advice from them … about marketing, at least.)

We love our customers and we’re so grateful for each one. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

P.S. If you need marketing help but you’re not yet a customer of ours — perhaps you’re feeling unsure about getting in touch — please put yourself at ease and just pick up the phone. We’re delighted to chat with you and very happy to talk openly about costs so there are no surprises … except, perhaps, how reasonable our rates can be.

Speaking of reasonable rates, if you’re a one-person business, take a look at our value package made just for you.

Rest assured, we don’t take all of our advice from “anonymous.”

We also agree with internet marketing guru Seth Godin, who advises that how customers feel is the true measure of good customer service — not how much a company spends on customer service software or how many policies it enforces to avoid refunds for unhappy customers. We couldn’t agree more.