Digital services such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimization make up more than half of most companies’ marketing efforts. As consumer power grows in terms of searching and sharing, businesses need to make their products and services findable and share-worthy. That’s what digital marketing does.

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Websites and Landing Pages

Websites and Landing PagesFor medium-sized businesses, we provide design and content services including front-end website or web page design. We work with HTML or WordPress platforms, or if your company has an existing site or another platform, we deliver digital materials that your webmaster can install into that framework. (Also, because we offer print services as well, we can recreate online material in the form of brochures, ebooks or sales sheets.)

For small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, we provide soup-to-nuts web design and content to serve any need from virtual business card to complete storefront. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the smaller the business, the more vital it is that each web page reflects a professional polish that successfully attracts new customers to your business. When you have a promotion, or need to send customers to a page that captures their email address in exchange for a special offer, we can design landing pages to achieve that goal and work within your existing website.

If you’re just starting up as a one-person operation, you might want to view our value packages.


blog_processFor medium-sized companies, we can create original blog posts on a monthly schedule, manage your entire blog, or anything in between. Our services include any or all of the following: Blog set-up, design, editing, content or ghostwriting, images, search engine optimization including keywords and formatting, performance measurements, coordination with other initiatives such as social media. (If your needs are fairly simple, you might benefit from our value package.)

For small companies or one-person businesses, we can help you set up and position your blog, provide you with training to maintain it yourself, or supply on-going help such as authoring your blog posts, polishing your drafts, finding images, making your posts search engine friendly and even installing incoming advertising. (If you need only modest frequency, you might consider our budget-friendly value package for small businesses.)

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Ebooks, White Papers and Case Studies

Downloadable information that provides real value is a persuasive and legitimate means of adding followers to your email marketing list. A single compelling white paper or case study, if properly promoted, can draw new people into your list for years. Similarly, ebooks can become industry references that distinguish your brand and encourage an even wider following. We create and design these custom pieces and the promotional elements that go with them.


We source images and illustrations for our clients to improve the effectiveness and overall appeal of all kinds of communications. Whether we comb through your catalog of resources or use our own, we can research, select, Photoshop, crop and adjust any image to suit your cause. If you have a new product that’s not yet manufactured, or want to reference an item from history that no longer exists, our 3-D artist/engineer can render a custom, photo-quality illustration.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingEmail has evolved into the workhorse of business promotion, and every business that is dependent on sales needs an active email marketing program. Our services range from crafting email messages and newsletters to evaluation of an entire email marketing system with recommendations based on your goals. For medium-sized companies, we develop a custom approach that considers service platform, frequency, messaging, design, market segmentation, list size and acquisition, measurement, reporting, deliverability, CAN-SPAM compliance and of course, opportunity. For small companies, we design a scaled-down approach that a small or one-person operation can manage within a reasonable number of hours each month. In terms of on-going services, we provide message planning, email content, and design services. When your company delegates a portion of its email marketing tasks to us, you free up valuable quantities of time for your full-time staff to manage other key issues.

Social Media

Social MediaUsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, we develop strategies and tactics to develop leads, customers and audience for your company. We evaluate and make recommendations about the opportunities your company has to engage its target audiences and how you might use the exchange to direct adjustments to product, packaging, distribution, and future communications. On a tactical level, our services include creating original message content and design, coordinating a messaging matrix, scheduling message releases via a dashboard facility, and tracking. Our services are custom-designed to suit your needs (more elaborate plans for larger companies, more fundamental plans for smaller companies). But, if your needs are strictly operational and straightforward, you might benefit from one of our social media value packages. Also, you might want to read our article, Social Media Starting Point.

Online Advertising

We provide outbound advertising services (ads you buy to promote your business) including ad placement scheduling on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo; text ad editing, display ad design, A/B testing, ad bidding/budget management, and reporting, using pay-per-click or pay-per-exposure rates. We work with any ad network relationships you may have established, or help you establish new relationships.

Our inbound advertising services (ads placed by others on your website to generate revenue for your company) include page placement, plug-in selection, Google account set-up, and application to ad networks. The revenue derived from this work depends on the size of your audience and its appeal to potential advertisers. Or, if your company has existing personal relationships with sponsors, we can help you establish pricing and a system for managing placed display advertising sold for a set fee (as an alternative to ad sales via Google or ad networks).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of drawing the attention of search engines to your website pages for the purpose of being “findable” by humans when they search for specific terms.

For medium-sized businesses, our services include evaluating your website and search engine optimization, making detailed recommendations, and installing those recommendations. This can include editing existing content, rearranging layouts, adding features to pages, keywording, and modifying some underlying code. We also define the measurements (analytics) that are most important for your business.

SEO is a process, not a single event. Its results develop over time; so it requires a long-term commitment on your part. If your business needs quicker options, we can recommend pay-per-click advertising options that produce fast results, providing time for more organic SEO methods to take root.

For small or one-person businesses, we can often improve SEO results with a website tune-up, which is a less elaborate, more affordable process.

Online Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

A photo caption is an excellent way to add keywords to a page. It also catches the attention of page-skimmers.


Whether by accident or intention, the look of your business communicates an enormous amount to your potential customers even before they come on your radar. Our digital design services include every customer-facing format, from website to invoice, to present your business in the best possible light. We can create a coordinated look for company-wide identity, or design a simple web page. (No job to big or small.) Our design expertise also includes print formats.

Content and Editing

We provide two kinds of content: Original material for you to use in your digital efforts, and editing services that make your original content shine. The first has obvious results; but many businesses overlook the gains they can make with the latter. When we polish your draft (even if you “can’t write”), your expert knowledge is transformed into content that produces sales, sign-ups, social sharing and search engine results through appropriate structure and keywords. While we’re delighted to provide original content for you, keep in mind that editing is another way to get very good mileage from your intellectual assets and content budget.


When you assign a content or design project to us, we can also provide production services, including blog hosting, stand-alone landing pages, and email marketing delivery systems that keep business owners or marketing managers on track without dependence on a tech team. We also film and edit videos or sound tracks, uploading them to YouTube and your website. Because all of these services are within our range, your company can delegate an entire project to us, streamlining your timeline and to-do list, and gaining the opportunity to make simultaneous progress on other fronts.