Our services are always designed to push your business forward, and when that requires a specialized approach, we’re here to make a difference for you.

Branding and Positioning

A company’s identity extends beyond its products to its people, its purpose, and its claim on the market. We help you establish or reinforce your brand and position with strategy, tactics and execution. Whether you’re one person starting a new business, a mid-sized company aiming an existing brand toward new markets, or somewhere in between with a brand that needs to adjust with changing times, we offer services to help achieve your brand goals with confidence.

Communications Calendar

We’re advocates of coordinating your business messaging across all media, and work with our clients to plan their overall messages well in advance. By scheduling and crafting a smart approach for each message from this plan, your team is never scrambling to fill a void. More importantly, your business gets a bigger collective impact from all of its marketing efforts (social media, press releases, store signs, websites, advertising, sales collateral, email marketing, etc.) when every audience is exposed to the central idea your business needs to convey each week, month or season.

Brainstorming and Counseling

Unlike bigger companies, small organizations don’t have an office full of experts. We can be a resource when it’s time to think through new ideas and tackle puzzling issues. We aid small business owners and solo-preneurs who need a planning zone — a place to think out loud, candidly, informally and in confidence — with no political repercussions, no customer exposure, and no hidden agendas. We charge hourly for this service, and in some circumstances the fee can be waived or reduced.

Research and Surveys

Get a handle on competitive information as well as your customers’ opinions as a means of guiding your future plans and uncovering growth opportunities with our investigative and survey capabilities. From discreet field research to crafting objective survey questions to orchestrating focus groups to analyzing results, our team can provide you with insights that are not always obvious in changing markets. We can manage and implement a survey (or series of surveys) so your time investment is minimized.


We offer all types of photographic services, including stock photo research and selection; studio still photography (or bringing a studio setting to your business); and on-assignment photography to capture your customers or products in situ. As an alternative to photography, we offer photo-realistic 3-D images composed by our expert artist.


Our crew and director can video your products or people in studio or interview settings for your website or YouTube use. We also have video editing services available to mold or incorporate your existing footage. If you have a larger budget, our Emmy-winning cameraman can travel to your location for news- or documentary-style filming.

Webinars and Podcasts

Webinars are powerful tools when your company needs to present complex product features, provide demonstrations, or help customers understand whether your solutions fit their problems. One live webinar can create years of value when replayed on-demand. We work with you to script presentations, create slide decks, add video and imagery, craft downloadable hand-outs, and collect an ongoing stream of permissioned names for your mailing list.

Promotional Logo Items

You’ve seen them — promotional items sporting business logos such as mugs, pens, tee-shirts and backpacks. We design these for you and place them with the manufacturer that best suits your needs. If you’re a small business, we have sources for low quantities that can fit your budget, making your products and services more memorable.

Book Design and Layout

Books commemorate your company’s history, its industry or its distinctive contributions, whether in plain text or as photography-rich coffee table books. We offer professional editing, design and layout services to make your book a point of pride. Distribute books as a corporate gifts, use them to distinguish your top leader, or sell them on Amazon.com as part of your product line.

Here for you

Design, Content and Production

We are here for you with professional design, content and production services for any regular or specialty project. We’re happy to meet and discuss your project and provide cost estimates for your planning. Please call on us.