summer heatMost retail promotions are geared toward specific dates — Father’s Day, Independence Day, and so forth — but there is another season with huge demand that is often under-marketed by retailers, product makers and small business owners — and that season is “summer heat.”

If there is anything about your product, service or store that can offer relief from summer’s hot weather and the associated discomforts it brings — such as sleepless nights, uncomfortable car seats, restless kids, itchy pets, hot kitchens, expensive water bills or bad hair — make sure to accent your solution in every summertime promotional effort.

What if your business has no connection to heat? Then consider promotional give-aways such as facial water spritzers or personal fans, and boost the air-conditioning in your store or waiting room so visitors stay longer and buy more.

The best promotions solve problems, and since heat is such a persistent and long-lasting one, it is a great one to use to your advantage. After all, no one’s really ready to respond to “back to school” concepts just yet.